The new Porsche Cayenne - an SUV with Porsche DNA

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The sharp drop in the dollar exchange rate, the model policy and the high costs in production cause problems for the company from 1986 onwards. Porsche is heading for an economic low point. In 1991, the sports car manufacturer sells 23,000 vehicles, just half as many as five years earlier. At the end of 1992, the loss amounts to 240 million German marks. The low point is seen in the 1992/1993 fiscal year with sales of just 14,362 vehicles, compared with 31,235 in the 1989/1990 fiscal year. A short time later: In January 1993, the Swabians wow the public at the Detroit Motor Show with the Boxster concept car. The company seems to have reinvented itself. In addition to the 911 series, Porsche now produces the Boxster, another two-seater sports car, which is already making a strong splash in 1996 with 32,000 vehicles sold. But the company in Zuffenhausen does not rest on its laurels. That has always been the case. It is important to consider which model could complement the range in the near future. What would people be longing for in the early 2000s? A look into the crystal ball: Which vehicle could be market-appropriate? What could improve the bottom line? With a third two-door from Zuffenhausen? No, not another two-door model. The "Colorado" project is launched. A cooperation with Volkswagen, Porsche would not want to afford an off-road vehicle on its own. The requirements: powerful, off-road capable, dynamic. A five-seater family car with typical Porsche DNA.


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