Darts player refuses to play match against trans woman

Source: DEINE.NEWS REEL (Glomex)

A darts player refused to play against her opponent because she is a trans woman. Three-time world championship finalist Deta Hedman caused a stir at a tournament in Denmark. She was due to play Noa-Lynn van Leuven from the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. She underwent hormone therapy several years ago and now competes in women's events. "This topic causes a lot of anxiety in the sport I love. People can be who they want in life, but I don't think biologically born men should compete in women's sport." Van Leuven is allowed to participate in women's events purely by the rules of the World Darts Federation. Van Leuven stated that she did not want to deal with this any further. "That was her decision and not mine. I think the only thing I regret about this issue is that a lot of people forget that I'm human too."


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