New Opel Mokka - The bold, clear and efficient design of the front of the vehicle

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The basis for the first-class aerodynamics is initially the 2.27 m2 front surface of the new Mokka. The total aerodynamic drag of a vehicle is essentially determined by the frontal area and the flow resistance (drag coefficient). With the help of flow simulations on the computer (CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics) and fine adjustments in the wind tunnel down to the smallest detail, the aerodynamics experts were able to further reduce the drag coefficient. To do this, the engineers optimized the new mocha face Opel Vizor, which covers the front of the vehicle like a protective visor, as well as the shape of the A-pillars and exterior mirrors. To prevent wake vortices, the new Mocha has side fins on the tailgate and an elongated roof spoiler. In addition, the spoiler reduces the lift on the rear axle, which makes the Mocha even more stable, especially at higher speeds. The covers under the engine compartment and vehicle floor ensure the optimal air flow under the car


of vehicle drag

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