Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck - Modular ePowertrain for different markets and segments

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

As part of its global platform strategy with the ePowertrain, Daimler Trucks is also using a globally standardized basic architecture for fully electric trucks. In a first step, the technological core is the integrated electric drive, the so-called eDrive. This comes in the form of a so-called eCarrier concept, i. H. an e-axis with one or two integrated electric motors including gearbox. The eDrive - an in-house development by the Daimler experts - offers numerous advantages compared to concepts with a central motor. The more compact design enables a larger installation space for a higher installable battery capacity, which has a positive effect on the range. The high battery capacity also ensures a high level of power transfer to the e-axis and thus allows continuous power development. The recuperation potential also increases due to the combination of a large battery with very powerful electric motors. The eDrive is to find its way into various vehicles at Daimler Trucks in the medium and heavy segment around the world - whether with purely battery-electric or hydrogen-based fuel cell drives. The eDrive is designed as a family of drives made up of different variants. The first of these celebrates its premiere in the series version of the Mercedes-Benz eActros. Within a modular system, the eDrive can be tailored to the market, segment and vehicle type. "


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