New Opel Mokka - First-class aerodynamics for more efficiency and fewer emissions

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The new Opel Mokka scores not only with its bold, clear design, but also with its best efficiency. The engineers and designers have made the newcomer exciting and aerodynamic at the same time - typically Opel. This is proven by the drag coefficient, which is 0.32 for the Opel Mokka. This means that the new Mokka has one of the lowest drag coefficient values ​​in its class and continues the series of Opel aerodynamic champions, from the record holder Calibra (drag coefficient 0.26) to the current class winners Astra (drag coefficient 0.26) and Insignia (cW 0.25) is sufficient. Due to the ever stricter CO2 regulations, aerodynamics are also gaining in importance - for the automotive industry as well as for customers. If the vehicle has less drag, it needs less energy to drive, and fuel consumption and emissions are reduced. That is why the new Mokka, like all newly developed Opel models, went through extensive tests at the Research Institute for Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS) in the wind tunnel of the University of Stuttgart. Depending on the model variant, the Opel engineers were able to reduce the aerodynamic drag to an excellent drag coefficient of 0.32


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