Crime Scene Check: "The Girl Who Goes Home Alone'"

Source: Entertainment Media Group AG (Glomex)

A body is recovered from the Spree River. A short time later, Nina Rubin is followed by a young woman. Julie Bolshakov knew the dead man and asks Rubin for help. Her husband Yasha is a leading member of the Russian mafia. Protecting the witness and investigating the family's criminal environment present Rubin and Karow with unexpected challenges in their latest case together. A male body without a head is recovered from the Spree River, its identity difficult to determine. A short time later, Nina Rubin (Meret Becker) is pursued by a young woman. Julie Bolschakow (Bella Dayne) tells the detective that she has witnessed a murder and asks Rubin for police protection. She knew the dead man from the Spree, he had revealed to her that her husband Yasha (Oleg Tikhomirov) is a leading member of the Russian mafia in Berlin. Rubin decides to help the young woman and involves the detective director (Nadeshda Brennicke). She wants to put Julie in a witness protection program if she can produce incriminating material about her husband in return. The contact with Julie, however, puts Rubin in a dilemma, because from now on she must keep Karow (Mark Waschke) out of the investigation so as not to endanger the young woman. Karow investigates the identity of the dead man, but feels more and more that his colleague is hiding things from him. Trust has been a sensitive issue between the two from the beginning, and Rubin's behavior hurts Karow - especially since they have also become closer in private. All the more reason for the old problem to erupt again. Will Nina Rubin succeed in her last case to free Julie from the clutches of her criminal family?


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