Volvo XC40 P8 AWD - winter driving with the electric car

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Nevertheless, the drive system of the P8 AWD ensures stable and always controllable handling even on slippery and wintry roads. The two motors act directly on the respective axle, the power reaches the wheels immediately and can be easily dosed. The vehicle's low center of gravity, the somewhat reduced ground clearance compared to the conventional drive variants of the Volvo XC40, and the balanced weight distribution also contribute to stability, driving safety, and easy controllability. So there's no need to worry about winter driving with the electric car: the all-wheel drive system in the first all-electric Volvo can handle even demanding challenges and doesn't have to hide behind the classic mechanical all-wheel drive system. Further proof that electric cars are suitable for everyday use and do not require any compromises. At the same time, the road tests show that even the Volvo models with front-wheel drive - electrified or not - get their occupants safely through the winter thanks to their safe layout and electronic control systems.


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