At ŠKODA AUTO, there has been no more landfill waste in production since the beginning of the year

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

"ŠKODA AUTO is consistently optimizing the ecological footprint of its automobile production, from the extraction of the necessary raw materials to the end of the vehicle's life cycle. The manufacturer now has one more Stepping up: ŠKODA has been recycling all landfill waste that arises in the course of the production process, materially or thermally, since the beginning of 2020. The company also pursues this approach when conventional disposal would be more economical from an economic point of view. For example, the car manufacturer wins returns the material for numerous high-quality plastic parts from recycled waste. If waste has to be thermally recycled, ŠKODA ensures that the energy released during incineration is used to generate electricity or heat. ŠKODA AUTO uses sophisticated recycling measures n and a cooperation with the Czech Society for Circular Economy. However, the automobile manufacturer places a special focus on avoiding waste from the outset. In the new paint shop at the Mladá Boleslav plant, for example, around 210 grams less solvent and 17 percent less clearcoat are required per vehicle than in conventional systems. In addition, there is no longer any paint sludge as waste and the new exhaust air purification system reduces paint residues by more than two kilograms per body. The automobile manufacturer has not used landfill for municipal waste since 2016, but instead has this type of waste incinerated. The company has been doing the same with several types of sludge residue since 2018. Since the beginning of 2020, ŠKODA has no longer used the landfill for commercial waste either. "


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