Volkswagen - E-mobility is already this climate-friendly today

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Is the electric car really more climate-friendly than a new car with a modern combustion engine? There is hardly a question that is discussed as passionately from the talk show to the regulars' table as this. At least one thing is certain: if an electric car is charged with green electricity, it does not cause any climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions. However, the carbon footprint of an electric car does not only begin when the proud new owner presses the start button for the first time. This accounting already starts in the manufacturing process. Volkswagen is therefore systematically reducing CO2 emissions in production with energy efficiency and the use of green electricity. Only the carbon dioxide, which the manufacturer and its suppliers cannot avoid in production today, is then offset - for example with certified climate protection projects in the Indonesian rainforest. In this way, the Volkswagen brand has already managed to deliver the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 to customers with a carbon-neutral balance sheet. In order for the calculation to work out completely, all values ​​have to be correct. It is crucial to provide the production of every component with a serious CO2 value. In addition, Volkswagen goes through all the components of a car step by step in order to reduce their climate impact during manufacture. The experts start with the parts whose manufacture emits a particularly large amount of CO2: the battery system, steel and aluminum


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