The new Volkswagen ID.4 - Safety through assistance systems

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Lane Assist: Lane Keeping Assist can help ensure that the vehicle does not leave its lane Front Assist: Emergency Brake Assist including turn braking function and evasive assistance can help prevent accidents ACC: Distance Control "stop & go" with speed limiter: Evaluation of navigation data and traffic signs ACC can reduce speed on its own before curves, traffic circles, speed limit signs and built-up areas Eco Assist: alerts the driver when he should take his foot off the right pedal for reasons of efficiency Travel Assist: can, among other things, reduce the distance to the vehicle in front the distance to the vehicle in front and the ID.4 Side Assist: can assist with lane changes via radar system Emergency Assist: can bring ID.4 to a halt if the driver is no longer able to do so


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