The new Fiat Tipo Cross Highlights

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The Fiat Tipo family is growing. The Fiat Tipo Cross complements the tried and tested 5-door, four-door sedan and station wagon body variants. As a real crossover, the new Fiat Tipo Cross is aimed at a completely new target group. Many families, who have been regular customers of the Fiat Tipo to date, have changed their preferences. Conventional five-door cars and station wagons are no longer the optimum. Instead, they have moved closer to the world of crossovers. Today you expect a more emotional, distinctive, dynamic and younger car at an affordable price without having to forego space and comfort. Accordingly, the design of the new Fiat Tipo Cross is decidedly more powerful and courageous. The vehicle looks much wider, especially due to the redesigned radiator grille, which extends under the headlights and is much higher. This is a typical crossover element. The body of the new Fiat Tipo Cross is almost four centimeters higher and looks more robust. The reason for this is a changed geometry of the wheel suspensions and larger wheels. This solution can already be seen on another crossover from the brand, the Fiat 500X. These measures increase the seating position, which at the same time simplifies getting in and out. Other actions that are important for families are also easier to do, for example putting children in the back seats or finding things that might have slipped under the seats


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