600 people demonstrate in Kempten for peace in Ukraine

Source: (Glomex)

The city of Kempten had called for a peace demonstration on Friday afternoon on Hildegardplatz, together with the "Bündnis Mensch" and the Stadtjugendring. Under the motto "Give Peace a Chance" 600 demo participants came together to set a sign for peace in Ukraine. Besides speeches and music, there was also a peace salute with hundreds of yellow and blue balloons (the colors of the Ukrainian flag). Urgent appeal from the Lord Mayor Thomas Kiechle had previously called for the demonstration with powerful words: "Everywhere in Europe - also in Russia - people are demonstrating for peace and thus make it clear: we stand together and defend ourselves against war as a means of one person's politics." Everyone is now called upon to stand in solidarity in Kempten and throughout Europe, he said. "We will help where it is needed and we stand up for the liberal values in a united Europe," Kiechle said.


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