TV21 filmTIPP Perfume of Life

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

If there's one thing chauffeur Guillaume Favre (Grégory Montel) doesn't need, it's an annoying customer like Anne Walberg (Emmanuelle Devos). Guillaume already has enough trouble on his hands - he's fighting for visitation rights for his daughter Léa after his divorce, and his boss Arsène is threatening to kick him out. In addition, Anne is his most demanding customer in a long time: she exudes iciness, never says please or thank you, treats him down to earth. And yet she insists to Arsène that she will only be driven by Guillaume... For Guillaume, Anne is an enigma and the jobs he drives her to are also very strange. A former star perfumer, she keeps her head above water as an olfactory consultant after temporarily losing her sense of smell and signing off in the perfume business. Guillaume only gradually learns this when Anne does open up to him. When Anne suffers a relapse, he becomes her savior and Anne changes Guillaume's life....


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