Balanced and sporty at the same time - the chassis of the new Volkswagen ID.4

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

"Even conceptually, the ID.4 has the best prerequisites for great driving pleasure. The rear-wheel drive ensures strong traction - the driver already experiences it when he is at the traffic light in the wet The high-voltage battery is located between the axles at the lowest point of the car. The center of gravity and weight distribution benefit from this: in all drive variants it deviates by no more than one percent from the ideal value of 50:50. The front axle of the ID.4 follows the McPherson Design, the steering has a ratio of 15.9: 1. For the first time at Volkswagen, the steering gear is in front of the wheel center, this position guarantees high stability when cornering quickly. An elaborate new development works at the rear - a compact five-link suspension with a subframe , which is elastically connected to the body. Parts of the suspension are made of lightweight aluminum to save weight mm of the ID.4 starts with the 18 inch format, either in steel or aluminum. From the ID.4 Life model, 19-inch wheels are standard, above that there are only light-alloy wheels with a diameter of 20 or 21 inches. Although the large wheels in the wheelhouses need enough space, the ID.4 only needs a 10.2 meter turning circle - extremely little for a car in its class. "

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