The new Volkswagen ID.4 - "Good interior design must not be complicated"

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

SUV outside, mobile home inside. The interior of the ID.401 offers plenty of space. An interview with Volkswagen Head of Interior Design Tomasz Bachorski about the new living feeling in the car, the usual safety requirements in an SUV - and white steering wheels. I was thrilled by the driving experience. It had such a lightness, almost like music. Normally it's like this: You stand in front of an SUV, see the huge wheels and already develop an idea of how it will probably drive. But with the ID.4, I was completely surprised. The car drives much easier and more light-footed than I would have guessed. Super performance, very good road holding, small turning circle, simply awesome - especially for such a big car. It's not just my work, but that of an entire team. About 90 people work on the interior design. With every car, we have to make compromises, of course, because there are legal or technical requirements. But in the case of the ID.4, we found a lot of really creative solutions.


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