The new Ferrari 812 GTS - The design

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

"800 PS make it the most powerful series convertible on the market. A torque of 718 Nm guarantees just as impressive acceleration as the 812 Superfast and an intoxicating maximum speed of 8900 rpm means unlimited sporty The torque curve shows that the torque distribution has not fallen victim to the increase in output. 80% of the maximum torque is already available at just 3500 rpm, which has a positive effect on flexibility and acceleration at lower speeds The development of the 812 GTS was to maintain the intoxicating feeling of speed and power that the Berlinetta conveys through its response time and agility. Exactly 50 years after the debut of the last Ferrari Spider with a V12 front engine, this model type celebrates its long history of the company has played such a central role with the 812 GTS one e triumphant return. "


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