Futuristic VTOL High-Speed Business Jet Can Land On Almost Any Surface!

Source: Cover Media (Glomex)

Is this the future of business jets? South African aircraft manufacturer Pegasus Universal Aerospace has developed Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ) a lightweight hybrid passenger aircraft with vertical take-off and landing capabilities allowing to land almost anywhere. Thanks to its cool-air fan technology, it’s even safe to land on grass or on wooden decks. It's ability to landing on a multitude of surfaces eliminates the need to travel to and from an airport heavily reducing travel time for passengers. At first glance, the Pegasus VBJ looks like a typical small-size private jet for the more experienced eyes, they may notice a difference - the shape of the wings. The jet has a traditional propulsion system that allows it to take off and land on conventional runways and fly like a regular airplane but its vertical thrusters integrated into the wings achieve the necessary lift so that it can land and take off vertically. The Pegasus VBJ has a capacity for a maximum of 7 passengers.


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