Liam Carpenter: TikTok's comedy king of German clichés

Source: VIDEOELEPHANT (Glomex)

27-year-old British influencer Liam Carpenter conquers TikTok with his humorous videos that lovingly parody German habits. With over 2.2 million followers, Carpenter's short clips focus on topics such as airing the house, deposits and waste separation, whereby he always slips into the role of the stereotypical German in a gray jogging suit. Carpenter, a former professional basketball player, emphasizes that his videos illustrate the differences between English and German customs in an entertaining way. The humorous portrayal creates a positive atmosphere and promotes a sense of belonging. German influencers and their international colleagues are also jumping on this trend on TikTok, poking fun at German idiosyncrasies without taking themselves too seriously. Communication scientist Josephine B. Schmitt sees this phenomenon as a way of emphasizing social identity and creating a sense of belonging.


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