The new Toyota C-HR - leading the way in environmental protection

Source: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The new C-HR is a pioneer in environmental compatibility within the Toyota model range and sets new standards in terms of sustainability, the reduction of emissions and the use of recycled materials. Compared to the previous model, the new C-HR contains twice as many recycled plastics, which are used for more than 100 different parts. This includes 19 vehicle parts that consist of at least 80 percent recycled material. In addition to plastic parts in the interior and floor mats made from recycled material, a new plastic seat cover is made from recycled PET bottles for the first time at Toyota. Comprehensive analyses have ensured that the look, feel and durability of the recycled materials in the new C-HR are as good as or better than conventional materials. CO2 emissions during production are reduced by a new automated painting process using water-based paints. The extended use of in-mould color technology, in which the color is applied directly during injection moulding, has completely eliminated the painting process for seven parts - compared to just three parts in the first generation. This reduces CO2 emissions by 50 percent compared to normal painting and ensures a glossy surface.


of recycled parts

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