The new Piaggio Beverly in Grey Riding video

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Piaggio Beverly has revolutionised the mid-sized scooter market, introducing a vehicle with an attractive design, brilliant performance and extreme safety, not only due to its large-diameter wheels but also thanks to motorcycle-type frames and suspensions. Beverly's commercial success has always gone hand in hand with constant updates to keep it on top of the sales charts and an object of desire for the most sophisticated urban users. Twenty years after the first generation, Piaggio Beverly has been entirely revamped, taking on an even more modern and contemporary look, but maintaining its distinctive characteristics intact, the perfect combination of a sporty, high-wheel scooter and a luxurious GT that makes it an extremely versatile vehicle. The new Piaggio Beverly is, therefore, the ideal scooter for any use, from urban commuting - where its agility and easy handling come out - all the way to suburban medium and long range touring, even riding two-up, a situation in which it demonstrates stability, power and top level on board comfort. The new design follows automotive trends and focuses on sportiness: the front end has been entirely redesigned, whereas for the side view, the smooth and sinuous lines that had always characterised Beverly, step aside to make room for more taut and muscular lines that run toward a more upward tending and slender rear end.


beverly a piaggio

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