The Crossland design - with Opel Vizor and model name in the center of the rear

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The Vizor of the Opel Crossland provides an unmistakable face and extends over the entire front of the vehicle below the bonnet: The SUV is visually wider; at the same time, fewer elements are visible, so that the front looks as if it were made from one piece. The legendary Opel Blitz stands proud in the center of the Vizor. The Vizor will mark all new Opel models in the further course of the 2020s and will combine additional top technologies in the future. From the rear, the new Crossland now bears its name confidently, like the new Mocha, in the center of the tailgate shimmering in High Gloss Black (available in conjunction with the black roof). This makes the Crossland appear wider and stronger. Dark-tinted taillights further emphasize the characteristic Opel light design. Also new are the front and rear underride protection (painted in silver for Elegance, GS Line and Ultimate), chrome-plated door sills for the Ultimate models and stylish light alloy wheels in a bi-color design


of opel crossland

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