Bentley Motors unveils Beyond100 strategy aimed at leadership in sustainable luxury mobility

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Bentley Motors today unveiled its plans to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility by announcing further details of its Beyond100 strategy. Bentley promises to deliver truly sustainable luxury by reinventing every aspect of the business. As the company enters the second century of its history, it intends to become a completely carbon neutral organization. This goal will be achieved through a transformation program that encompasses Bentley's entire business operations and products. This includes the transformation of the model range, which from 2026 will offer only plug-in hybrid or battery electric vehicles and from 2030 only fully electric vehicles. The announcement underscores Bentley's plans to provide exceptional mobility for the next century and to transform itself within a decade from the world's largest manufacturer of twelve-cylinder gasoline engines to a manufacturer of vehicles entirely without combustion engines. The company is reinventing itself as a pioneer of sustainable luxury mobility.


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