7th episode: Joke 3 - relationship joke

Source: PULS 4 (Glomex)

So it is that the man is on his deathbed and his dear wife sits down next to him and holds his hand. There is nothing more to be done. So it's completely clear as day, he's going to bite the dust in the next few minutes. And suddenly the man says to her: “Resl, Resl i mecht. I really want to get rid of something." "No, honey, you don't need it, everything's fine. It's all good.” “Well, I'd still like to get rid of something.” So he's kind of tough. "It is. I really, I really want to be able to close in peace." "So what's up? It's all good. It's everything.” “Well please just let me tell you that. It. I've been with your sister, I've been with your best friend, I've been with your best friend. I slept with your mother." And then Resl says: "Yeah, that's not so bad. Besides, I already know that long and don't come sit up. Just lie there, that poison can have an effect and what I did with your brother and your father and your best friend and his brother, I'll tell you soon in hell.”


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