Crime Scene Check: "Shadow Life" - How Good Is the Thriller?

Source: Entertainment Media Group AG (Glomex)

When Julia Grosz's friend Ela, who infiltrated Hamburg's left-wing autonomous scene as an undercover investigator for the LKA, disappears without a trace, Grosz sets out to find her. Under a false identity, she enters the hedonistic and liberal milieu in which her friend had apparently lost herself. Falke supports Grosz - and at the same time investigates the case of an arson attack, which at first seems to be part of a series of politically motivated acts of violence. But when the boundaries become increasingly blurred for Grosz, too, and Falke comes across questionable police internals, both start to stumble. Only when both investigators pull together can they bring to justice the person responsible for the arson attack, who is also involved in Ela's disappearance - and is much closer to her than initially suspected.


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