Crime Scene Check: "Marlon"

Source: Entertainment Media Group AG (Glomex)

Nine-year-old Marlon is found dead in his school. He was pushed down the stairs and shows signs of a previous fight. Lena Odenthal and Johanna Stern soon realize that this death causes ambivalent reactions in the school: Marlon's conspicuous behavior made him an outsider, pushing his teachers, his own parents and also his classmates to their limits. It is depressing for the detectives that in Marlon's environment there is almost more relief than sadness about his death. Lena and Johanna are all the more dependent on Marlon's only friend Pit and his only ally among the adults, the social worker Anton Leu, for their investigations. Piece by piece, the detectives reconstruct the last days of a boy who could not cope with his own affects and whom not a few would have liked to get rid of.


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