Volvo Cars to be fully electric by 2030 - Interview with Lex Kerssemakers, Global Head of Commercial Operations

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

In a challenge to conventional tyre setups, Volvo Cars will equip its fully electric cars with Recharge tyres for use all year round as standard in Northern and Central Europe. With a single set of tyres capable of safely handling a wider range of weather and road conditions than summer or winter tyres, Volvo Cars aims to simplify customers’ lives by avoiding the bi-annual hassle of tyre changes, while also reducing CO2 emissions. The Recharge tyres are the first tyres for year-round use to achieve A-class energy efficiency. This innovation is in line with the company’s aspiration to lead the industry in offering more sustainable products. Driving a pure electric Volvo XC40 on Recharge tyres can reduce energy consumption by up to 8 per cent and extend the average driving range, compared with driving on winter tyres.


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