Mobilize unveils the EZ-1 Prototype

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Mobilize goes beyond cars. It offers new ways of transporting people and goods, either with or without a car. The new mobility offers meet the expectations of end customers, companies, cities, and regional authorities. Mobilize brings together Groupe Renault’s activities in mobility, energy, and data-related solutions while leveraging expertise from RCI Bank and Services. It helps foster partnerships and brand-new open ecosystems that bring significant advantages in timing and scaling-up, while also helping to solve the major challenges faced by the automotive industry: Reduce the gap between car usage and cost as cars are currently left unused 90% of the time. Improve residual value to prevent the value of new vehicles from falling by over 50% after 3 years. Contribute to a zero CO2 footprint target.


of mobilize cars

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