New Opel Mokka - Breathtaking design - first with Opel Vizor and fully digital Pure Panel

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

The new Opel Mokka impresses with perfect proportions and precision down to the smallest detail. Short overhangs and a wide stance are typical of the bold, pure appearance of the just 4.15 meter compact five-seater. The most striking feature of the front view is the unmistakable Opel Vizor. As with a full-face helmet, a protective visor is placed over the new Opel face, seamlessly integrating the vehicle grille, the LED headlights and the newly designed Opel lightning bolt, which is at the center. A clear image at the rear too: the name of the Mocha appears for the first time self-confidently in the center of the tailgate and is completely new like the whole car - with a specially designed font that forms the word “Mocha” in a technical, flowing, lively way. The interior reflects this clear philosophy: the new horizontal Opel Pure Panel integrates two widescreen displays and is focused on the essentials; all disturbing optical stimuli are left out. The Pure Panel is characterized by its uniquely clear design, in contrast to the otherwise partially overloaded cockpits. It is clearly structured and can be understood at first glance. The Opel designers attached great importance to digital purification. In order to draw full attention to the traffic situation, they ensured the intuitive operation of the system. The most important functions can still be controlled via control buttons without having to navigate through other submenus


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