The first new Bentley Blower in 90 years

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

After 40,000 hours of work, Bentley Mulliner has today completed the first new Bentley Blower in 90 years with the delivery of the pre-production vehicle, the prototype for the Blower remake. This highly exclusive small series of 12 customer vehicles - all already sold - is manufactured according to the design drawings and with the tools that were used for the original four blowers, which were built in the late 1920s and used in races by Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin. Specifically, Bentley's own team car (chassis HB 3403, engine SM 3902, license plate UU 5872 - team vehicle no. 2) served as a template for the so-called Continuation Series. Each component was scanned by laser as part of a detailed complete restoration. Based on this data, 1,846 individual parts were designed and handcrafted to produce the new blower. 230 of these parts are actually assemblies - one of them the engine - so that the total number of parts is several thousand if you include fasteners and parts of the interior trim. All parts and assemblies were manufactured by a project team of engineers, craftsmen and technicians from Bentley Mulliner in collaboration with various British specialists and suppliers


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