Lexus presents new electric drive control DIRECT4 and concept vehicle with future design orientation

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

With the electric drive control DIRECT4, Lexus presents a new technology for the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles. The system ensures precise, needs-based distribution of torque and braking force on all four wheels and thus forms the basis for outstanding performance, driving safety and handling properties. Last year Lexus unveiled the futuristic LF-30 concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show - as part and ambassador of the new global electrification strategy Lexus Electrified. The DIRECT4 drive control system now presented is a core technology of this strategy. The system regulates the torque distribution of the front and rear electric motors as well as the distribution of the braking force on all four wheels. In this way, the drive of the front and rear wheels is adapted to the respective driving conditions and the intentions of the driver.


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