Abarth 124 rally@Rally Islas Canarias - ERC

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

A competitive grand finale in a showstopper Canary Islands Rally, the last appointment of the FIA ERC European Championship, valid for the Abarth Rally Cup. In the last Abarth Rally Cup’s race the Polish team Dariusz Polonski and Lukasz Sitek is in first place with the Abarth 124 rally of Rallytechnology Team. Behind them stand the Italian Andrea Mabellini and Nicolò Gonella, with the spider of the Bernini Rally team and the Napoca Rally Team’s colours. Even though he was mathematically champion before the start, Andrea Mabellini closed his season with a great performance in the Canary Islands, achieving the second place in a race valid for the single-seated Scorpio’s championship and, thanks to his second place in the ERC2 class - which is a category for the four-wheel drive cars with a turbo engine and the “Gran Turismo” RGT - he closed the season achieving the second place in the ERC2 classification of the European championship.


a rally abarth

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