Fire in Unterkürnach: Sawmill in flames

Source: ALL-IN.DE (Glomex)

Firefighting operation in Unterkürnach near Wiggensbach. In the night to Friday a sawmill burned there. According to police, a passing motorist had discovered a column of smoke on the roof of the wood chip silo around 23:10. The man then informed the owner and immediately made an emergency call. The alerted firefighters immediately began extinguishing the fire and were able to prevent it from spreading to the adjacent residential building. However, the roof of the silo burned down completely - an adjacent hall was also severely damaged by the flames. A total of around 100 firefighters from Wiggensbach, Kürnach, Altusried, Frauenzell, Eschach, Kempten, Sulzberg and Kreuzthal were deployed. In addition, there were two ambulances and an emergency doctor. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire. The cause of the fire is currently still unclear. The initial investigations at the scene were carried out by officers from the Kempten police department and the Memmingen Criminal Investigation Service. The amount of property damage is not yet known.


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