One injured in apartment fire in Oberthalhofen

Source: (Glomex)

In a fire in an apartment in Oberthalhofen near Fischen in the Allgäu region, a female resident was injured in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The upper floor apartment of a multi-family house had caught fire on Saturday evening around 21:45. The residents noticed the fire, which originated in the area of a tiled stove, according to the police report itself. With smoke poisoning in the hospital: They could leave the dwelling still in time, one of the two inhabitant suffered however a smoke poisoning. It came to the hospital to Kempten for treatment. The fire departments from the surrounding area, which had been called in in the meantime, were able to quickly bring the fire under control and prevent anything worse from happening. Nevertheless, the resulting property damage amounts to over 50,000 euros.


fire a apartment

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