Storm balance "Tief Luis"

Source: Neckar Fernsehen (Glomex)

"Tief Luis" - balance of the Reutlingen police headquarters for the districts of Reutlingen, Esslingen, Tübingen and Zollernalbkreis (as of Sunday 11.00 am) A large number of minor traffic obstructions and around 100 police operations were carried out. In some cases, the local fire brigades and building yards, the road maintenance depots and local utilities were involved. According to the current state of knowledge, no persons were harmed. The damage recorded, including to vehicles and buildings, was also relatively minor. However, the total amount of damage cannot be quantified. The first emergency calls were received in the command and situation center of the Reutlingen police headquarters on Saturday morning from 9 a.m. One focus was recorded on Saturday afternoon. In many places, construction fences, traffic signs and other objects were knocked over or blown onto streets or against vehicles. Isolated trees and roof tiles that were blown down were reported. In the Reutlingen district, several construction fence elements had to be secured at larger construction sites in the Reutlingen urban area. In Münsingen, a shed roof had come loose and was blown into the adjacent bushes. In the Esslingen district of Leinfelden-Echterdingen, a tree crashed into a parked car, causing property damage of 6,000 euros. A larger blind was torn away on a company building in Ostfildern. In Wendlingen, a wooden power pole buckled and a wooden slat was thrown onto a parked vehicle. Property damage of around 5,000 euros was incurred here. A children's trampoline was blown onto a car in Holzmaden. This resulted in damage of around 2,000 euros. Roofing felt peeled off a company roof in Oberlenningen and caused around 1,000 euros of damage to a passing car. In the Tübingen district, some construction site barriers have been blown away in the Tübingen urban area. Due to the wind, a trailer in Rottenburg and a caravan in Ammerbuch were moved several meters and had to be removed from the road. In the Zollernalb district near Winterlingen, several recently felled trees were blown from the edge of the road into the middle of the road. A wooden mast broke off near the railway line at Bisingen. In the inner city area of ​​Balingen, the wind pushed a larger construction site barrier, so that it temporarily blocked Friedrichstrasse completely


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