"Time in Design" - Handcrafted Beauty in the New Lexus LS

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

As a flagship sedan, the Lexus LS combines advanced technologies, Japanese craftsmanship and stylish aesthetics. The new LS once again pushes the boundaries of design with its targeted modifications to the body and interior, as well as a newly developed exterior color. The developers chose "Time in Design" as the guiding theme for the exterior and interior design revisions - inspired by the classic Japanese concept that beauty can change from one moment to the next through the influence of time and environment. Lexus has been continuously researching new exterior colors since 2003 and developing innovative paint technologies to achieve an even more brilliant appearance. The new Lunar Silver color is the latest example of Lexus' progress in this area. The paint finish impressively highlights the contours of the body and its contrasting interplay of light and shadow, adding even more impact and fascination to the subtleties of the design. Depending on the time of day and the viewing angle, the color quality changes - an effect that is further enhanced when the LS is in motion and the passing surroundings are reflected in the surfaces.


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