TV surprise after the end of "Goodbye Deutschland": Danni Büchner gets her own show

Source: DEINE.NEWS REEL (Glomex)

Danni Büchner is now getting her own show. For 8 years, the emigrant was accompanied by VOX on "Goodbye Deutschland". She shared life with her patchwork family with the viewers. Büchner announced her departure from the TV series at the end of February. But now it is clear: this was not her TV exit. Instead, the 46-year-old is changing channels and getting her own show on RTLZWEI: "Diese Büchners - Familientrubel unter Palmen" Textbox: Danni Büchner, reality star / Source: Press release: RTLZWEI "I'm delighted and a little excited at the same time. [...] A new format of my own, a new channel and so many stories to tell! There's always something going on here - my fans know that and now have the wonderful opportunity to accompany me and my family on RTLZWEI." Exact details, such as the start date, have not yet been published. Will you be watching the show?


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