BMW joint development project with Valeo enables remote valet parking

Source: AUTOMOTOTV (Glomex)

The BMW Group and Valeo are working in a strategic partnership to jointly develop next-generation automated Level 4 parking solutions. This includes the development of solutions for automated valet parking (AVP). This involves the customer leaving the vehicle at a defined drop-off point. From this point onwards, the vehicle independently searches for a parking space, performs the necessary maneuvers to park and retrieve the vehicle and can also drive back to the pick-up point to hand it back to the driver. The underlying technology can be either an autonomous driving system or a remote-controlled valet system. At CES 2024, visitors will be able to try out remote-controlled valet parking for themselves. Remote control provides control in situations where fully autonomous systems may face major challenges, such as in complex or unknown environments. The remote operator uses advanced technology and live camera images to navigate and move the vehicle to park and retrieve it in a controlled manner. Possible areas of application for this technology in the future could include parking for events, at airports or in logistics.


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