Alfa Romeo Salutes Female Race Drivers

Source: AutoMotoTV (Glomex)

Alfa Romeo is a brand with a long history in racing that dates back to 1910 and extends to Formula One today. Throughout these decades, many Alfa Romeo drivers have made an indelible mark on the sport. In celebration of International Women’s Day, Alfa Romeo salutes its female race drivers. While these women competed in different eras and came from different countries, they all shared a pioneering spirit and a passion for racing, trailblazing uncharted territories in a challenging sport. The storied list begins with Baroness Maria Antonietta d’Avanzo, who raced for Alfa Romeo in the early 1900s, and spans to Tatiana Calderon, who in 2018 was named a test driver for the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN Formula One team. Chronicled below are some of the key female race drivers in the brand’s illustrious history.

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