Mystical natural wonders in Germany

Source: BUZZFEED REEL (Glomex)

Mystical fairytale atmosphere in the middle of Germany. The fairytale forest on Rügen is located directly on the cliffs near Binz. Enchanted tree formations with closely spaced treetops: This mysterious environment is enchanting. This is the Devil's Bridge, a remarkable stone arch bridge in Kromlauer Park in Saxony. The Rakotzbrücke, as it is actually called, forms a perfect circle with its reflection in the water. An ingenious optical illusion. And: In Baden-Württemberg, blue color is causing a stir. The Blautopf in Blaubeuren is one of the deepest karst springs in Germany. The water here is strikingly blue and is created by the high purity and deep karst cavities that reflect the sunlight.


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