Joko and Klaas hide one million euros somewhere in Germany!

Source: VIDEOELEPHANT (Glomex)

Joko and Klaas are known for their strange and viral actions and pranks. Now they are planning an even bigger action. The entertainer duo are now launching a special "treasure hunt" - with a huge prize. The treasure hunt is part of their TV show "Joko & Klaas gegen ProSieben". The two have won 15 minutes of airtime and will use this to broadcast their call for a treasure hunt and clues to find the suitcase. The treasure, a mysterious suitcase filled with one million euros, is hidden "in an extremely secret location somewhere in Germany". The coordinates and access code can only be found with the daily clues. Joko and Klaas promise "probably the most difficult puzzles in the history of television". The first puzzle includes a video with Joko and Klaas at the dinner table. Three digits have to be found. The second puzzle, entitled "Reading and concert", requires the search for two digits. Klaas reads from a book called "Yumruk" - Turkish for Faust - while Joko types a melody that sounds like "Bruder Jakob". What a deep hum, what a bright tone, pulls the glass from my mouth with force. Proclaim you muffled bells already, Yumruk


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