6th episode: Joke 1 - women joke

Source: PULS 4 (Glomex)

Korl has an incredibly pretty young wife and he said: "Honey, I have to go to a cooking seminar for 14 days, but I'm sorry, I can't leave you alone. And you know Heinz?” “Jo. Den Heinz. He's a handsome guy, I know him." "Jo, and Heinz is reliable. This is one of my best friends. I can rely on him, he will take care of you. Does that suit you?" "Yeah, what should I do? If that's what you want, then he should take care of me and is he at least entertaining?" "Yeah, he's very funny. He's totally funny." "Yes, that's wonderful." A good 14 days later he comes home. He says: "And darling, how was it?" "Well, Heinzi is amazing! Well, Heinz. Well you totally understated. That's really funny. Very funny." "Did he tell you some jokes?" "And how the joke tells it. He can add jokes. Once we laughed so hard that I rolled out of bed.”

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