THE (PERFECT) DESASTER DINNER - Comedy by Marc Camoletti, adaptation by Michael Niavarani

Source: TV21 Austria (Glomex)

A romantic dinner with the mistress in the idyllic weekend house, which turns into a disaster. The wife goes to her mother. A catering service is ordered to prepare a wonderful evening for the mistress, who has her birthday. The best friend of the man of the house is invited as an alibi, in case something goes wrong. And it does. The wife stays at home and the romantic birthday dinner with the mistress turns into a disaster. A cook who has to play a model, and a model who has to play a cook. A husband who, in front of the wife, pins the mistress on his best friend, who in turn is the wife's lover. Lies, lies and again lies and a lot to laugh about. With: Leonie Reiss, Anna Dangel, Dominique Lösch, Felix Millauer, Sandro Swoboda and Benjamin Turecek Directed by Rochus Millauer A perfect disaster dinner with wonderful punchlines ! 18 May - 25 June 2022 - Forum II (daily except Sun. & Mon., as well as 26.05., 07.06. & 16. to 20.6.) 20:00h - approx. 22:00h (incl. intermission)

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