2nd episode: Joke 6 - relationship joke

Source: PULS 4 (Glomex)

A man alone in a supermarket and how could it be otherwise, he wanders around. He is looking above - you host net des Gfui he is looking for a product, because he does not look in the shelves - but he always looks between the aisles. He goes back - he changes the aisle - he looks between the aisles again. Scurries past products. A beautiful woman stands there somehow and watches him the gonze time. At some point he scratches the corner and stops in front of this beautiful woman and says, *gasps* "Thank God, I found her!" "Were you looking for me?" "No, not really" "Oh my God," says the woman, are you nuts? "No, not at all. I'm actually looking for my wife" "Yeah and, what do you want from me then?" "If I talk to a beautiful woman for 10 minutes, she'll show up!"

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