As a result of the repeat election, the Bundestag shrank by one seat and the FDP lost its seat without replacement

Source: KIVVON AKTUELL (Glomex)

Losses for the traffic light parties, corresponding gains for the CDU and AfD: although the 2021 Bundestag election, which was partially repeated in Berlin due to a series of mishaps, did not result in a shift in the majority in the Bundestag on Sunday, as expected, the CDU and AfD saw a clear signal effect for the traffic light coalition in the federal government. Another consequence of the repeat election: The Bundestag is now one seat smaller. Voter turnout in Berlin was significantly lower in the repeat election than in the 2021 ballot, falling by 5.7 points to 69.5% when extrapolated to Berlin as a whole. Nationwide, it fell from 76.6% to 76.4%. The SPD, Greens and Left Party are now running candidates from other federal states. However, the FDP's seat is no longer available. This means that the Liberals now only have 91 MPs in the Bundestag and the parliament as a whole has shrunk from 736 to 735 seats.


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