Millions in damage in major fire in Heidelberg

Source: PR-Video (Glomex)

Heidelberg-Bahnstadt (ots) - After a fire broke out in a multi-storey building complex in Speyerer Straße/corner Langer Anger on Friday afternoon at around 1:15 p.m., the fire experts of the Heidelberg Criminal Investigation Department have taken up further investigations, in particular into the cause of the fire. According to the current state of investigation, the fire probably broke out on the first floor of the office building and then spread to the upper floors. Due to the heat development, there were isolated small detonations of propane gas cylinders located in the building. A scaffold, which completely surrounds the complex, was severely affected by the heat development. An expert is on site and is currently checking the structure's statics. The post-extinguishing work on individual pockets of embers is currently continuing. Extensive traffic closures around Speyerer Straße are also being maintained until further notice. For a better overview, a police helicopter was temporarily deployed. The building has been impounded. An inspection of the complex is planned for the coming days. According to current knowledge, the total property damage is likely to amount to several million euros. In addition to around 60 police officers, around 150 firefighters, consisting of the Heidelberg professional fire department, all Heidelberg volunteer fire departments as well as Wiesloch, Walldorf, Schwetzingen and Leimen were deployed. Road users who are familiar with the area are asked to avoid the area as far as possible. Residents are still being urged to keep windows and doors closed.

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