Internet Security: How you know by cryptography what is real in the digital world?

Source: INFOkontor (Glomex)

It is crucial to live and work within a safe digital environment. But how safe is it today against the backdrop of IoT, Blockchain, Quantum Computers and the global pandemic? Cyber-attacks are only one of many possible threats. The crux of the challenge is that it can be difficult to know if something is authentic when online. Thus, strong identification and cryptography is needed. A new solution, using verifiable credentials, called verifiable LEI (vLEI) claims to be successful. The LEI is a unique code for a legal entity, comparable to an international company ID card, which helps to create greater transparency in the global marketplace. This is managed by the G20 non-profit organization GLEIF (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation). They use KERI, a protocol that allows everybody to cryptographically verify the source of information.


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