Luxury in the city

Source: BUZZFEED REEL (Glomex)

These things are mainly found in the village and are a luxury for city dwellers. A bathtub, because many people live in shared apartments or small city apartments, and tubby bathrooms often don't have a bathtub. A garden: A balcony is reason enough to celebrate, but a garden - with real grass! - is in a completely different league. Delicious bread rolls from the bakery A normal ritual in the countryside: getting fresh bread rolls for breakfast in the morning. City mice can often only dream of this because of the price or large chains. Air: They're free everywhere, but that doesn't mean they're equally good everywhere. Starry sky: In the countryside, it's romantically bright even when it's dark. Fireplace: A crackling open fire is a blessing for the soul, and not just at Christmas. Pets: In the countryside, you don't ask: "Do you have a pet?", but: "Which one?" They're always free to roam in the countryside. In the city, it's enough for a start-up dog at most. Germans have more purchasing power if they live in the country. The Institute of the German Economy has investigated where Germans can afford the most. It looked at the disposable income per capita in a region and the respective price level. The result: you get more out of your money in the countryside.


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