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Source: Marco Polo TV GmbH (Glomex)

Summer is coming and to cool down there is a new trend from Japan - the Mochi ice cream. The small glutinous rice balls are a true delicacy. We show you how you can easily make them yourself. Here's what you need: 4 scoops of mango sorbet (yellow) 4 scoops of raspberry sorbet (red) 4 scoops of matcha ice cream (green) 300 g glutinous rice flour 225 ml water 90 g sugar food coloring (yellow & pink) 1 tsp matcha powder 100 g cornstarch Here's how: - For the filling, cut each ice cream scoop in half once in the middle. Place the halved scoops on a plate. It is best to use three plates. Freeze until ready to use. - In three bowls, mix the sticky rice flour, water and sugar. - Color each bowl with a different food coloring. This will make a very runny dough. - Heat each portion of batter, stirring constantly, over medium heat in a non-stick skillet. - Cook until the batter sets after about 5 minutes. Then place this on a plate with cornstarch. - Sprinkle with starch and cut each into 8 equal portions. - Form the text pieces into a flat, round patty. - Once the dough is slightly chilled, cut the ice cream scoops in half again so that there are 8 pieces per ice cream type. - Put the rest back in the freezer. - Place one ice cream scoop quarter in each dough patty and press the edges together in the center. Freeze formed mochis directly. -Let the finished mochis chill in the freezer for at least 30 minutes before serving. ------------------------------------------ MARCO POLO TV is the first journalistic German-language TV travel channel and comes from the publishing house MairDumont. The topics of travel, culture, enjoyment and nature are just as much in focus as the use of resources, the protection and preservation of ecosystems and the topic of sustainability. All information is extensively researched and always up to date. Travel reports, documentaries, service-oriented programs and travel tips invite you to dream and travel and are broadcast in the best HD quality. Vacation to the grasp near. Here is more information:

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