Cathy Hummels: These tips will get allergy sufferers through the summer

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In the past, such a walk was torture for Cathy Hummels. Her allergies almost drove her to despair. "I remember that," says the 33-year-old. "There I was at a friend's home and at some point I couldn't breathe. I'll never forget that moment. That's when my friend's mom put me outside the door because she didn't know what to do either - maybe you'll get more air outside, and I was like, 'No, I can't breathe anymore.' And then all I know is that I woke up in the hospital. That was my first experience with allergy combined with asthma attack, where I almost died when I was 6." But over the years, she has found ways and means for herself to be able to relieve the symptoms. This year, for example, the Corona-induced mask is already helping her a bit with the runny nose, after all. "My tips are that you definitely pay attention to your diet, avoid dairy protein and white sugar as much as possible," says the presenter. "Because that does quite a lot to the immune system. And that you have good medicine, of course, good nasal spray, good eye drops. If you have an acute attack, also really get in the shower immediately and wash your hair. That's always helped me." And inside, it continues. Regular wiping means that hardly any pollen remains. But there are also technical solutions, as with an air purification system, to make the air bearable for allergy sufferers, knows Wendela Freiesleben, an expert in these systems. "Through the air purifier, the pollutants, such as allergens, pollen, dust mites are filtered out of the air, but also pathogens such as air and aerosol-borne bacteria and viruses. And by then having clean air, we just feel more awake and fresh. We can concentrate better and of course we have all the benefits also with allergy sufferers that all the symptoms are relieved." These little tricks make it easier to get through the summer and enjoy the sun, at least for Cathy Hummels. Even without a dripping nose and watery eyes.


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