Bavarian retailers expect record sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Source: tv.ingolstadt (Glomex)

Bavarian retailers expect record sales of half a billion euros on the bargain days Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That would be 18 percent more than last year despite the Corona pandemic, as Bernd Ohlmann, Managing Director of the Bavarian Retail Association, says. The driver of the expected growth is exclusively the online sector. This will once again receive a major boost. In stationary trade, on the other hand, declines are to be feared. Ohlmann speaks of "restrained" expectations. In view of the obligation to wear masks and the fear of infection among customers, it will "not be the same as last year". In addition, during the pandemic, more customers have acquired a taste for online shopping. According to Ohlmann, the expected sales will already include Christmas purchases of around 160 million euros. However, he also sees disadvantages of the two bargain days: "Christmas gifts, which are already purchased at the beginning of the season with partly high discounts, are then no longer purchased later and high discounts put pressure on the margins. However the customers would have gotten accustomed in the meantime to the actions. "You can't get rid of the ghosts that you called," said Ohlmann. Black Friday and the Cyber Monday following the weekend are days on which many dealers lure customers both online and locally with special offers and discounts. This year they fall on November 27 and 30.


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